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  1. Structure your deal below by choosing a bundle and data option.
  2. In order to ensure that you are always connected, you can exceed your chosen bundle amount to a maximum of double your commitment. This is your credit limit. For example, if your chosen bundle is R100, your credit limit will be R200 – which means you can spend up to R300 in total.
  3. Out of bundle rates will apply if you go over your chosen bundle: Talk at 79c/min; SMS at 60c; MMS at 70c; Data at 99c/MB.
  4. Your commitment is month to month – upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Step 1.

Bundles Spend your bundle on anything – talk, SMS, MMS or data.


Unlimited Talk!

Talk as much as you like for R299/month! Data, SMS and MMS are charged separately at out of bundle rates: 99c/MB; 60c/SMS; 70c/MMS.
Have you read the fair usage policy?

Step 2.Data Are you a data user? Add monthly data to your deal at a better per MB rate.

Step 3.SIM options

Select the SIM card you require.
Unsure of which SIM to choose?

Step 3.SIM options

Enter in your me&you SIM number
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Do you want to keep your number?
Port your number for free
A couple of ins and outs on porting:
  • Remember, we can’t start the porting process until you have activated your SIM. Once you have activated you will use the me&you mobile number allocated to you until the port process has been completed.
  • You will receive an SMS to confirm that your port request has been submitted.
  • After 48 hours, if your port has been unsuccessful we will give you a call to assist you. Successful porting can depend on any outstanding amounts still owed to your current network, lines that are still within contract term, or incorrect information being submitted to authorise the port.
  • Successful ports will take a minimum of 48 hours to be processed. Once your port has been approved, your current number will cut off at 19:00 on that same evening and be active on your new SIM early the next morning - so basically you just need to sleep on it!
Would you like itemised billing at R29 per month?
How quickly do you wanna receive your SIM?

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Connection R 29
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