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No phoneline? No problem! Get great connection, at a specified location of your choice, without the hassle of waiting for installation. With me&you, you can easily set up your LTE connection, yourself, and get all the perks of high-speed internet.


If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Where can I check if I have coverage?

Simply type in your address in the search bar of the coverage map at to see if you’re covered.

Do I need to RICA my SIM card?

Yes. You will be required to have a copy of your ID and proof of residence available when your SIM is delivered, and you (the account holder) must sign for it in person. You will also need to upload these RICA documents online when activating your FLTE Sim.

How long does it take to activate after delivery?

Your SIM card will activate within 30 minutes after inserting it into an approved router. In extreme cases it can take up to 72 hours, but this is very unlikely. Should you have any trouble connecting after 30 minutes, please reboot your router and try again.

Which devices can I use on this service?

MTN only allow devices which have been network approved by MTN. This range of devices includes; Huawei B525, Huawei B612, Huawei B618 and ZTE MF286

Can I use this service on the go or only in certain locations?

The MTN Fixed LTE service is designed to be used at your home or office at a specific location, and MTN will lock the service to the address (location) for where you place an order to use the service.

What happens if I move to a new house or Office?

You can request to have your Fixed LTE service moved to another location up to a max of 2 times per calendar year. Contact customer care on 0861333110 or FREE from your me&you Mobile SIM or login at and select the ‘Update Address’ menu option and follow the instructions

What if I move to a new area with no coverage?

Our MTN Fixed LTE services can only be used in areas with coverage. If you're moving to an area without coverage, our cancellations process is quite simple and easy. Contact customer care on 0861333110 or FREE from your me&you Mobile SIM for assistance.

Can I have Multiple MTN Fixed LTE services?

Yes, as long as they’re used at the addresses where the application for each is placed.

Do I need to sign up for a contract?

No. All our MTN Fixed LTE packages are offered on a month-to-month basis.

Do I need to change my APN settings?

Yes. To change your APN settings (on an approved MTN router) follow the step by step guide.

How to change APN Settings

  1. Insert MTN LTE SIM card into an approved MTN router. Ensure the SIM card is the correct size and facing the correct direction.
  2. Switch on the router, waiting 10 minutes before restarting it to begin the provisioning process.
  3. After restarting, connect the laptop/PC via the LAN connection or via Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi name and password should be on a sticker on the underside of the router.
  4. Once the Laptop or PC is connected open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) Type in in the address bar. The router will normally have a landing page address on the sticker underneath the router.
  5. Select the settings tab on the top menu. It will prompt for the username and password which should both by default be:

    Username: admin

    Password: admin

  6. Once into the settings page on the left-hand menu, select "dial up" and under the drop down select "profile management."
  7. Select “new profile” and proceed with the following

    Profile name: (Type in anything)

    User name: (Leave unchanged)

    Password: (Leave unchanged)

    APN, type: ws.mvnx.fwa

  8. Make sure the profile is selected from the drop-down menu and click apply.
  9. Please restart the device again.
  10. Connect to the internet (this may require you to visit the IP again, and click connect from the settings menu option).
  11. If connection fails, attempt steps 9 & 10 periodically over the next 24 hours.
  12. If still not connected after 24 hours, please contact customer care on 0861333110.

Can I Top-Up / Recharge?

Yes, top-ups are available online at by selecting the recharge option from the menu (which will prompt you to login), or login to your ‘Manage Area’ directly and select the FLTE sim you want to recharge/top-up, click ‘Manage’ and select the desired Top-Up bundle from the drop-down menu.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my service?

Yes. All Fixed LTE packages can be upgraded or downgraded via your ‘Manage Area’ or by contacting customer care on 0861333110 or FREE from your me&you Mobile SIM. Note that package changes will only be effective on the 1st of the following month, regardless of when in the month the request is made or whether it is an upgrade or downgrade.

What happens If I sign up in the middle of the month?

All Fixed LTE packages are charged pro-rata. So, if you sign up halfway through the month you will pay half the monthly fee and receive half the data for the rest of the month.

Does unused data roll over at the end of the month?

In-bundle data (Meaning the data allocated as part of the monthly package) does not roll over and will be forfeited at the end of each calendar month should you not use it all. Top-Up data will roll over for an additional 30 days, meaning your top-Up data is valid for 60 days from date of purchase.

How do I view my usage?

To view your data usage, login at, select the FLTE SIM, click ‘Manage’.

Is there a cancelation policy?

Should you wish to cancel your month to month Fixed LTE package, please contact Customer Care on 0861333110 or FREE from your me&you Mobile SIM

What to do if I have a faulty/lost SIM?

In the event that your MTN Fixed LTE sim is lost, stolen or damaged, you will be required to order a new one. Please contact customer care on 0861333110 or FREE from your me&you Mobile SIM to order your replacement sim and to ensure any leftover data on your account is transferred to your replacement line.

My SIM has been barred, what to do?

In the event that your MTN Fixed LTE has been barred, please contact customer care on 0861333110 or FREE from your me&you Mobile SIM to have one of our support agents assist you.

Is the IP private or public?

MTN Fixed LTE will only provide a public dynamic IP address for their Fixed LTE service.

Am I prioritized on the tower?

The MTN Fixed LTE coverage map is generated specifically based on capacity and network availability, so although you'll be sharing the network with mobile LTE subscribers within the Fixed LTE coverage area, you won't be impacted by congestion issues. Using your MTN approved router will ensure that it has the correct firmware configuration to allow MTN to make the most efficient use of spectrum which does not get allocated to mobile LTE subscribers.

What Speeds can I expect?

LTE is a wireless technology influenced by many factors and can therefore not guarantee a consistent speed. The device used plays an important role in us giving you a great speed experience, which is why we recommend using only an approved by MTN router, where you can experience speeds from 1Mbps to maximum speeds of up to 150Mbps*. Also, because of the nature of the wireless network, we cannot offer any SLA's on the service.

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